This course is treasure that not many people may know about!


Hello Dope and everyone, who reads this.

My name is Alex and I am from Siberia, Russia. To tell my long story short, please look at this chart I made today 2hours after the opening bell and gap-up (1h MES chart with 5 predicted swings by my opinion).

This chart was made by me only based on the knowledge I have learned from the Dope course.  Honestly speaking I couldn’t even imagine I can do such things someday in the future (even very far in the future).  But, here I am, and this is 5 predicted 1h swings on S&P500 micro contracts.  Even if the last one will not work out, it is still 4 swings predicted almost to a point (about 90+ points in total).

I don’t think that people truly realize what huge opportunity they are missing out on. It’s not a joke or fairy tale, it’s real money that anyone is able to earn. And the best tool for that – is the Dope course. I would say that for me right now the happiest thing is not that I make money in the markets, but the feeling that I can do something so extraordinary by myself and I still can’t believe it.  Thank you Dope from all my heart for your work.

Sincerely Yours,