Once you see you will

Ahmed Emerson Uyar

Once you see you will not unsee. This industry is fraught with so much ‘information’ out there and TA that is quite frankly complete garbage. People seem to use no form of critical thinking when it comes to finding knowledge out regarding how to actually trade and believe anything they see online, or at least this was definitely the case from my own experience when I first sought to learn.

Somehow I stumbled upon Dope fairly early on and thank god (not a strong enough word lol) I did. Dope’s concepts for me present some of the most overlooked logic within this industry that comes with winning a zero-sum game. The concepts appear simple from the offset but are soon complexified across the dependencies of all time frames working together as your knowledge of trend(s) progresses. I’ve even seen legitimate prop firms who seem to have no clear understanding of how trends are logically classified.

Basically what I am trying to say is people nowadays seem to overlook the fact that you must first invest in real knowledge before even considering placing a trade. You first have to invest in yourself to then further your trading journey with undoubtable and proven logic. I cannot recommend the course highly enough and can honestly say that it has been my best decision along my trading journey.

Thanks. Do not pass on this and you will see why later with time.