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Volume One – Building Foundations

Course Summary

DopeTrades does his best to detail the beginning stages of chart reading by exposing the new trader to chart reading fundamentals.  We begin to unearth the significance of how charts utilize price action in the forms of trend, momentum, and price levels. We must begin with the basics until we’ve gained mastery before further expanding our knowledge.

Course Author – DopeTrades

He has been trading stocks, forex, options, and futures since 2009.  He primarily day trades futures full time.  He has a deep passion for all things trading.  In 2018, he successfully predicted the cryptocurrency market crash when Bitcoin was priced around 15K, and correctly predicted nearly all of the major corrections in major crypto pairs.  He also advises undisclosed CTAs on positions and trading strategies.

Just want to thank DopeTrades for his genius as a professional trader and teacher.  I completed the full course many times over.  For months and months I lived and breathed the theory he teaches.  I still refer to the course as a refresher everyday to keep my blades sharpened.– Joshua H.

Invest In Yourself.  Knowledge Is Power.